Close Comfort Crew Neck T-shirt

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This t-shirt is one of our favourites. Its versatility is incredible. This top can be used a base-layer that works incredibly hard to keep your outer layers dry, or on its own as a staple piece of bamboo clothing. It has an ability to keep you dry in a way that only a few other t-shirts can, leaving you comfortable, refreshed, and ready for anything. 

Composition: 53% Cotton, 43% Bamboo Viscose, 4% Elastane

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Bamboo Benefits

Unmatched Softness

Moisture Wicking

Enhanced Breathability

UV Protection


Environment In Mind

Water Saving

Due to its natural self-sustainability, bamboo requires less water to grow than many other materials used in clothing. It also requires no fertilisers or pesticides, helping to keep our oceans and our atmosphere cleaner.

Smart Energy

Our clothing tailors share our love for the environment and so they use renewable energy to carefully create our products, producing over 261 times as much green power as they consume!

Bamboo Brilliance

Bamboo is a fantastic absorber of carbon dioxide, absorbing over 5 tonnes of CO2 per year and in return releasing vast amounts of oxygen. It's also super land efficient meaning we can harvest 3000% more bamboo per square metre than cotton!

"We want to deliver comfort, style and sustainability through clothes we can share our love for"

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