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Because of bamboo’s properties (including its breathability, moisture wicking ability and odour reducing capacity) you don’t need to wash your clothes as often as most others. But, YouBamboo clothing is very washing machine friendly!

Here’s everything you need to know:

  • Machine wash cold (30°C)
  • Do not bleach
  • Iron on warm heat
  • Tumble dry on low heat

Despite this, we heavily advocate for doing everything we can to be environmentally friendly, so we recommend washing your clothes less frequently and line drying them if possible, saving water and allowing your clothes to live for longer.

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offers fantastic ultraviolet protection (it helps to block sun rays that
can be harmful to our skin). However, the level of protection does
depend on which of our items of clothing you are wearing. Our heavier
items (including our fleeces, joggers, leggings) should offer UPF 50+
protection (an incredibly high level of protection). As for our lighter
items (t-shirts, casual long-sleeves, etc) there will still be some UV
protection but not to the same extent.

When people find out that clothing can be made from bamboo, their first 3 words are "what?", "really?" and "how?". Understandably it’s very hard to imagine that the well-known, super strong, hard grass can be turned into an incredibly soft and breathable item of clothing, but it's actually pretty simple!

This is how: When bamboo reaches its maturity, it's harvested and cut into small chips. These chips are then washed, broken down, dried and then turned into fibres which are then spun into a yarn. This yarn is what we then use to create our wonderful YouBamboo clothing.


The YOU movement and the whole existence of YouBamboo is based on being kind to yourself in the right ways so that you can benefit the planet. By becoming a customer you are joining our community and contributing towards a better and healthier environment. To prove this to you, here are some of the best ways that we here at YouBamboo are costing the Earth far less than the rest:

  • Our predominant clothing tailor uses renewable energy to produce our clothing (in fact they create 261 times the energy they need, providing green energy to neighbouring communities).
  • Each item of our clothing saves on average 1.2 pounds of carbon dioxide.
  • Our bamboo requires no fertilisers to grow, meaning less harmful chemicals run-off into nearby waters. This is vital as it helps to protect water-based wildlife and also massively reduces the amount of harmful nitrous oxide we release into our atmosphere.
  • The type of bamboo we make our clothes from outperforms all others when it comes to carbon dioxide absorption (absorbing over 5 tonnes of it per hectare per year).

    And in the next few years, we hope to do so much more...

No! Because bamboo grows so quickly, it needs to protect itself from its environment and therefore produces its own antimicrobial bio-agent called ‘bamboo kun’. This natural substance fights off bacteria and fungi which means there is no need for the use of harmful pesticides that contaminate our waters and pollute our atmosphere.

Yes! We use bio-based compostable materials in our bags, and our boxes are completely recyclable. We’re creating a movement towards better sustainability, and so we're trying everything possible to be more environmentally friendly, and there's so much more we plan to do!

A question that gets asked a lot! The simple answer is no. We use moso bamboo in the majority of our products and giant pandas typically eat other types of bamboo. On top of this, bamboo grows crazy fast (up to around a metre every day) and so even if pandas started to fall in love with our bamboo (just like you will!) there would be more than enough to go around.

In order to bin your apparel bags, treat them as compost and put them in a home compost bin or any other way you prefer to deal with compost.

As for the boxes, simply put them in your cardboard recycling bin if you have one. If not, take them to the local tip and recycle them in the correct area.

Bamboo is obviously fantastic, and there are many different products that can be made entirely from the plant. However, in many of our items of clothing we use other fabrics in order to provide a better product. By blending bamboo with other fabrics, we allow for better qualities in the clothes, e.g. improved stretchability, improved fit, a better wear, etc. In regards to sustainability, we want to be great! We're just starting out and just beginning to learn how to be perfect, but in the next couple years we aim to be using only certified organic and environment-minded materials, because that is how quick we need to be in making a global difference.

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It’s a shame that this is the case but there’s plenty we can do! Firstly, is it definitely the wrong size? If it’s a pair of our Moso Stretch leggings, they can seem really short but when worn they fit like a snug bug in a rug. If you’re certain you’ve ordered the wrong size then get in contact with our customer services team at You can then send it back and we’ll ship you a better fitting size as soon as possible!

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