We love Bamboo.

Soft and silky. Hypoallergenic Grown without pesticides. Anti-bacterial. Anti-static.

A positive impact for you

Thermo Fibre
Air-trapping microspheres that keep you cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

Bamboo is naturally self-protecting against bacteria whilst also being antifungal.

Sun Protection
Bamboo fabric blocks ultraviolet rays from the sun when worn (UPF50+).

Sweat Absorbing
Absorbs and retains moisture in order to keep you and any outer layers drier.

The naturally hollow fibre derived from bamboo provides incredible ventilation.

A positive impact for us all

100% Natural
Bamboo is super self-sufficient and does not require pesticides or fertilisers to grow.

100% Sustainable
There is no need for human interference when bamboo is growing.

100% Biodegradable
The fibre is derived from the naturally grown grass meaning it can be returned to the earth.

Land Efficient
Produces 3000% more yarn per acre than cotton and is the fastest growing plant on earth.

CO₂ Absorbing
Bamboo is great at absorbing carbon dioxide and releasing oxygen back into the air.

It’s simply the most eco-friendly material there is.