What is Moso?

What is Moso?

Simply put, Moso is the common name for an amazing variety of bamboo. Why am I bothering to mention it? Well, Moso bamboo is actually the type of bamboo that we use in our YOU Movement range. The reason? It’s just one of the best options there is in terms of sustainability and the environment! Here’s the low-down:

  • It outperforms all other types of bamboo in carbon dioxide absorption, taking in over 5 tonnes of co2 per year! In return, it produces an incredible amount of pure oxygen, again more than any other type of bamboo.
  • It can grow up to 1 metre a day! This means that we can grow far more Moso bamboo per given area than many, many other plants and hardwoods varieties, saving vital land space for other life to thrive.
  • It’s a super renewable resource, it can be harvested annually and it doesn’t harm the mother plant one bit! This is great for the environment because it means that the main bit of the plant is not uprooted, allowing carbon dioxide to be stored in the roots and not released into the atmosphere!
It has all the other properties of bamboo:
    • Antibacterial and antifungal
    • Self-sufficient (requires no fertilisers or pesticides)
    • Requires far less water to grow than cotton

    It is also known as Phyllostachys edulis (got it right on the 4th attempt of typing this), Mao Zhu, and even tortoise-shell bamboo! I took a particular liking to the last one and so when I befriended an 80 year old tortoise this year, I thought I’d see why. The answer I got? Tortoises look great in Moso-based clothes! See for yourself with our glamorous model, Terrance the tortoise…

    I also discovered while I was there that tortoises have lots of feeling in their shells, and so when we gave him a rub with the t-shirt on, he absolutely loved the softness and asked me to reserve him one of each of the new range! (Admittedly the very last bit may have been a little lie but he did love how it felt!)

    So yeah! Now you’re all clued up on the main type of bamboo used here at YouBamboo, you know exactly what you’re getting and contributing towards by becoming a part of our YouCommunity…