Pimasoft Boxy T-Shirt

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The pimasoft boxy t-shirt is a t-shirt for life. This relaxed-fit top will work for you in any day-to-day scenario, providing softness, breathability, and style wherever you go.

Composition: 52% Pima Cotton, 43% Bamboo Viscose, 5% Elastane

Black T-shirt
Grey T-shirt
Grey T-shirt
Pink T-shirt
Pink T-shirt
Black T-shirt
Black T-shirt

Reach new heights

Bamboo Benefits

Unmatched Softness

A natural fabric that provides all the comfort that nature has to offer. Bamboo is known to be one of the most kind-to-skin materials in existence

Moisture Wicking

Absorbs and retains moisture to keep you and any outer layers drier, reducing sweat and boosting performance, no matter what the activity

Enhanced Breathability

Increased ventilation and smart thermo fibres work together to improve airflow and regulate your temperature to keep you balanced.

UV Protection

Unique ultraviolet resistant fibres that help to protect you and your skin from the sun so you can take on the outdoors without a worry.


Clothing that is naturally resistant to bacteria and fungi, killing odours and helping to keep you fresher for longer

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