YouBamboo: The Style Side

I spoke about the comfort side of YouBamboo a couple days back in a blog post that you can find here, but now I want to talk all about the style and character traits of our very exciting organisation.

YouBamboo is not just a brand that you wear, it's a community that you become a part of. When we first started the company, we received loads of great feedback and involvement from people who had purchased and worn our clothes. As a result of this, I quickly realised that we had an opportunity to build a clothing brand that people could engage with and be proud to wear. This is where the YOU Movement began. The main aim of the movement is to be kinder to our planet by being kinder to ourselves, and in many other blog posts, I speak about the environmental aspects and aims of YouBamboo. However, there is also the very important side of our brand that allows us to build a community, the YOUCommunity...

All of our 2021 New Year release products are branded with the word 'YOU'. The reason? We want it to be a symbol that each individual can make a difference, to both the planet and the people around them. When you wear YOU, we want you to wear it because you love it, and because it means something slightly more to you than the rest of your wardrobe. I strongly believe that sometime soon, people will recognise others out and about supporting the YOU Movement and will appreciate that they are a big part of something very meaningful.

If you are at all interested in helping to protect our environment, or in creating a very exciting community, this is a brand that you want to be a part of. I want the people that are reading this early on to be able to say "I was one of the first few people to join that movement and I helped it become what it is today..."

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